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Golfweek's 2013 Best Courses You Can Play in Florida - No. 10

Placing players on the brink of the Atlantic Ocean, the award-winning Ocean Course is a shining example of oceanfront golf perfection.

This top 100 golf course not only winds along pristine wetlands and sparkling lakes, but also plays six holes directly on the Atlantic Ocean. The course concludes with a thrilling finale dubbed "The Bear Claw" — a collection of four daunting holes precariously edging the sweeping coastline. The Ocean Course received a ranking as one of Florida's Top 5 courses. This course is truly "Florida's Ocean Course".

About Jack Nicklaus

No name is more synonymous with greatness in the sport of golf than Jack Nicklaus, and no single person has changed the face of the sport more than he - the player, the designer, and the goodwill ambassador. With a total of 20 major titles (including two U.S. Amateur victories), Nicklaus is the only golfer ever to win each of the four professional major titles - U.S. Open, Open Championship (or British Open), Masters, and PGA Championship - at least three times each. The Golden Bear, as he's known throughout the golf world, brought his unique perspective and design acumen to Hammock BeachSM Resort and has built a course destined to become a classic.

Course Accolades:

Condé Nast Traveler
  • Top 100 Golf Resorts - No.53 (2007)
Golf Digest
  • Best Courses - Architectural Design in State - No.12 (2009)
  • America's 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses - No.57 (2008)
  • Top 75 Resorts - No.60 (2006)
  • Top Ten New Upscale Courses (2001)
Golf For Women
  • Top 50 Golf Courses for Women - No.22 (2008, 2007, 2006)
  • Top 100 Fairways (2001)
GOLF Magazine
  • Top 100 Courses You Can Play in USA - No.78 (2010, 2008)
  • The Best Courses Near You, Florida - No.4 (2010)
  • Silver Medal Golf Resort (2008)
  • Top 100 You Can Play - No.78 (2006, 2005)
  • Top 10 Courses You Can Play (2001)
  • Best Courses You Can Play in Florida - No. 10 (2016 & 2013), No.9 (2011), No.7 (2009), No.5 (2008), No.3 (2007)
  • Best Courses You Can Play - No.7 (2010)
  • Best Resort Course - No.48 (2010), No.45 (2009), No.34 (2007), No.35 (2006)
  • Best Tour Courses You Can Play - No.16 (2010), No.17 (2008)
  • Best Residential Golf Course - No.75 (2009), No.57 (2007)
Links Magazine
  • Best Florida Resorts - Top 20 (2011)
  • Top 20 Nicklaus Courses You Can Play - No.7 (2009)
  • A Modern Classic (2001)

Jack Nicklaus' Ocean Course : Hole-by-hole

1. Par 4 | 444 yards

This is an excellent starting hole that sets the tone for the round. Players will need to avoid the steep faced fairway bunkers which protect the right side of the fairway. Each side of the hole is landscaped with beautiful coquina rock mounding.

2. Par 4 | 440 yards

This is a very demanding hole from tee to green. Once you negotiate this tight driving area you will need to avoid the first steep sod faced green side bunker on the course. Two false fronts guard the front and the back right portion of the green.

3. Par 3 | 202 yards

This picturesque par three has water and bunkers that guard the left side of the green. If you miss the green right you will be faced with a challenging up and down.

4. Par 5 | 613 yards

The first par five on the front nine. The second shot is deceivingly tight as water comes in closer than appears on the right and a strategically placed bunker on the left. A birdie is a good possibility for the good wedge player.

5. Par 4 | 460 yards

The first of a series of three long par fours. Avoid the coquina rock bunkers on the left with your drive. A very narrow green will require an accurate mid iron shot.

6. Par 4 | 476 yards

This is the longest par four on this nine. Length off the tee is required for any birdie chance. The fairway is generous but any wayward tee shot could leave you with a steep faced fairway bunker to contend with.

7. Par 4 | 440 yards

The drive requires precision placement between the oaks that are located on each side of the fairway. The casual elevation in the putting surface can cause problems should you miss the green.

8. Par 3 | 199 yards

This par three is the signature hole of The Conservatory, which boasts an island green. The faint of heart will have room to the right side of the green to be safe. Don't be greedy with a left pin placement.

9. Par 5 | 570 yards

A great par five to finish the nine and the best birdie chance. Water guards the entire left side of the hole with beautifully shaped bunkers down the right. The longest hitters can reach this in two.

Out, Par 36, 3,488 yards

10. Par 5 | 636 yards

The longest hole on the golf course. Pine trees and wetlands run down the entire right side of this hole. A sod face bunker is placed on the front center of this green. Be careful not to hit in the coquina rock bunker that protects that front of the green.

11. Par 4 | 467 yards

A long tight par 4 with wetlands on the right. A long iron or fairway wood to this long narrow green may be regarded as the most challenging approach on the golf course.

12. Par 3 | 243 yards

The longest par three on the course. The beautiful landscaped mounding on the left and the wetlands on the right add to the serenity of the hole. Par is a great score.

13. Par 4 | 491 yards

A long par four that doglegs left and plays slightly uphill. The elevated green on the second shot will require extra club.

14. Par 4 | 502 yards

The longest par four on the golf course. Water guards the entire right side of this monster. Players will be approaching this green with a long iron or fairway wood.

15. Par 4 | 377 yards

Long hitters can attempt to cut the coner leaving a shorter approach. Others will do well up the middle of the tee.

16. Par 4 | 414 yards

The placement of the fairway bunkers makes this a tight driving hole. Water plays along the entire left side of the hole, with beautiful landscaped coquina rock mounding on the right.

17. Par 3 | 200 yards

A demanding uphill par three with a penalizing steep sod face bunker guarding the front left side of the green. The green is bigger than it appears from the tee.

18. Par 5 | 603 yards

A fantastic finishing hole, with a panoramic view of the golf course from the elevated teeing ground. Long hitters must be careful with the water on the left. This hole can be reached in two, but make sure you have enough club to carry the stone bulkhead guarding the green. This is a great chance for birdie.

In, Par 36, 3,939 yards

Total, Par 72, 7,776 yards

1. Par 4 | 380 yards

Leery of the bunkers guarding the right side, smart players will try to hit down the right center of this fairway. The second shot will be to an elevated green guarded by a bunker on the left and a grass hollow on the right.

2. Par 5 | 540 yards

A smart tee shot will favor the middle of the fairway on this par five. With a good view for the second shot, try to avoid the pot bunkers on the left side of the second landing area. Two bunkers guard the front of this green and a grass hollow will catch any long approach shots.

3. Par 4 | 414 yards

The ideal tee shot will land in the right half of this fairway, avoiding the bunkers in the landing area. The approach shot will have to carry a landform guarding the left side of the green with numerous bunkers set in.

4. Par 3 | 192 yards

Accuracy with an iron is the key to this par three. Generous movement throughout this green will make it a challenge to keep the ball where it lands. A wayward shot will end up in the either the water or one of the numerous bunkers guarding this green.

5. Par 4 | 434 yards

To set up the second shot to this gently rolling green, the smart player will favor the left side of the fairway off the tee while avoiding the lake. A birdie is a definite possibility here.

6. Par 5 | 526 yards

Reaching this green in two will require a big tee shot. The tee shot is framed by water and waste bunker on the left and a bunker complex on the right. A drive ending up in the fairway will be a green light to go for this peninsula green in two.

7. Par 4 | 431 yards

An accurate tee shot is a necessity on this par four. A small landing area is guarded by trees and the largest lake on the property. This smallish green is guarded by bunkers and grass hollows.

8. Par 3 | 185 yards

The player will have to account for the wind on this par three playing toward the Atlantic Ocean. The elevated green will require the player to avoid three deep bunkers on the right side and a small pot bunker guarding the left side of this wind swept green.

9. Par 4 | 437 yards

Looking for par on this oceanside hole will take the player down the safe route along the left side of the fairway. The big hitter, hoping to make 3, will try to carry the bunker on the right side, leaving a short approach into this elevated green. Deep bunkers and grass hollows will catch the wayward approach shot.

Out, Par 36, 3539 yards

10. Par 5 | 522 yards

Most will go for this green in two, avoiding the bunker down the left side off the tee, and trying to end up on the same level as the hole in this multi-tiered green. Four bunkers guard the green and the landing area for the second shot.

11. Par 4 | 384 yards

The player will have two options on this par four. Playing to the right of the center fairway bunker leaves a longer approach shot to a small, undulating green guarded by water and sand. Playing to the left of the center bunker has a different angle into this green and a shorter distance to carry.

12. Par 3 | 213 yards

The longest of the par threes, be careful to avoid the water and sand along the left side of this hole. There is room to bail out on the right, but a back right pin position will create quite a challenge for those choosing that route.

13. Par 4 | 433 yards

The big hitters will take their tee shot over the left side fairway bunker for the best approach angle into this green. Be careful to avoid a large bunker in front and grass hollows to the right and behind this green.

14. Par 5 | 551 yards

This par five offers a choice while standing on the tee. Favoring the left side will result in a longer route to the green. Going down the right side will present a chance at getting home in two, but with the risk of ending up in the pond that guards the right side of this hole. Water guards the front of this green as well.

15. Par 4 | 432 yards

This uphill par four is one of the most challenging holes on the back nine. Avoid the bunkers to the right off the tee, and be aware of two dune elevations in front of this elevated green set along the Atlantic Ocean.

16. Par 4 | 399 yards

Choose a line off this tee and trust it. This dogleg left bends around a lake with water guarding the left side of the green and a deep run off guarding the right side of this crowned green. The player's short game will be tested if the approach shot is missed right.

17. Par 3 | 174 yards

This short par three of water is the easiest of the back nine. Hitting toward the Atlantic Ocean, distraction may be seventeen's greatest risk. This hole should yield birdie to more often than bogey.

18. Par 4 | 466 yards

The player will favor the left center of the fairway off the tee. Missing the drive to the right will result in a longer approach to an elevated green. The green is guarded by the dune to the left, a bunker front left, and grass hollows around the right and behind this green.

In, Par 36, 3,574 yards

Total, Par 72, 7,113 yards