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Hammock Beach Resort will be undergoing improvement projects during the stay dates you've selected. Our enhancement projects are scheduled to complete in Fall 2016. As part of our continued commitment to excellence, we will make every effort to anticipate your needs and resolve any concerns you may have about our project. We look forward to welcoming you soon!


Delight your senses and put that healthy glow back into your face with one of our luxurious facials. Choose from a variety of facials designed to pamper you and refresh your skin.

Hammock Facial

Our estheticians developed this signature facial based on our namesake massage, The Hammock Massage, blending elements of European, aromatherapy and hot stone facials to create a unique experience that is a delight for the senses. This is an extremely relaxing facial.

Price: $115 - 50 min

Teen Facial

This introductory facial will incorporate skin-specific products as well as instruction on their proper use and the benefits of a skin care regimen. Cleansing, exfoliation, massage and mask make up the balance of this teenfocused service which can also benefit adults new to skin care or on the go.

Price: $60 - 25 min

Fit-N-Firm Facial 

This results driven treatment deep cleanses the skin while targeting the repair of individual conditions related to day-to-day environmental exposure. 

This treatment incorporates a multi-action Antioxidant Cocktail of Vitamins D2, D3, A, B,C and E which are infused into the skin with our Fit and Firm lifting and tightening mask.  These essential nutrients nourish, repair and hydrate the skin leaving skin, brighter, smoother and hydrated.

Price: $145 - 50 min

Custom Facial

Your skin is as unique as you are, shouldn’t you treat it that way? After individual analysis your skin care professional will utilize a personalized selection of products to exfoliate, perform deep pore cleansing and massage. This custom facial refreshes, nourishes and hydrates your skin your way. Can be adapted to address problematic skin.

Price: $110 - 50 min

Gentleman’s Facial

This deep-cleansing therapeutic facial is designed specifically for men’s special skin care needs, addressing razor burn and overactive oil glands. Relaxing the skin and refining the pores, this treatment includes a facial massage and an individualized masque. You will see and feel the difference.

Price: $105 - 50 min

Next Generation Antioxidant Facial

Accelerates exfoliation, stimulates cellular growth, promotes collagen production and restores moisture and nutrients to the skin. This facial includes the Next Generation Resurfacing Treatment for the face, neck and décolleté plus application of skin-specific conditioning agents, antioxidant rejuvenating mask, advanced glycolic hand treatment and patented antioxidant Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Price: $155 - 50 min

Alpha Lipoic Facial

Manual microdermabrasion using magnesium crystals will diminish surface blemishes and irregular pigment and activate collagen fibers for younger, softer skin. This facial combines amino acids, trace minerals, propolis and vitamins A, C and E to leave the skin infinitely more youthful.

Price: $125 - 50 min

Fountain of Youth Facial

Often described as a non-surgical face lift, you will feel your skin lift and tighten as this result-oriented facial utilizes a mix of enzymes and proteins to improve skin health through cell regeneration. Symptoms of aging skin, including wrinkles, loss of glow, irregular skin tones and increased pore sizes, are reversed and repaired. This facial is an experience like no other and is great for all skin types.

Price: $140 - 80 min

Glycoderm™ Facial

Anti-Aging at it's best. This facial combines the brightening power of glycolic acid with the pin point accuracy of microdermabrasion to exfoliate dull lifeless skin cells helping to drive powerful antioxidants from our Super “C” Serum and Aox “A’ deep into the epidermis to promote collagen and elastin production as well as healthy skin cell growth. Face, neck, and décolleté are included for exfoliation, antioxidation, mask, and massage providing a completely rejuvenated appearance.

Price: $200 - 80 min

Next Generation Resurfacing Treatment

Helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, reduce breakouts, even skin tone and pigmentation and reduce benign and pre-malignant cells. Includes deep cleansing, application of pure, unbuffered glycolic acid, soothing post peel neutralization and application of sunscreen moisturizer.

Price: $120 - 25 min

Rejuvenating Lip Treatment

Revolutionary Auretinol, an exceptional technology which permits Retinol to be released slowly, thereby visibly smoothing wrinkles and effectively rejuvenating the lip contour to help prevent lipstick bleeding. Bois oil and azelaic acid smooth, hydrate and renew the lip area. May be added to any facial.

$35 - 15 min
$20 - Lip treatment added to facial

Dramatic Eye Lift Treatment

The circulatory benefits of ginko biloba help to make this eye treatment extremely effective in eliminating puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. This service can be scheduled as an add-on to any facial or as a stand-alone service.

$35 - 15 min
$20 - Added to facial

All treatments are subject to the resort service charge and applicable taxes. Service charge is calculated by the original cost of the treatment received, regardless of any discounts or upgrades.